Oh, hello.

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sandra Nygaard and I am a journalist and an editorial and branded content consultant. I work with publications and brands on creating strategic content that resonates with clients and readers. I have moved their messages forward in print, social, online, video, and in targeted newsletters.

For more than 15 years, I have written fashion, grooming, design, travel, and art and culture pieces for well-known lifestyle publications in print and online. I am also passionate about crafting in-depth profiles on emerging designers, architects, athletes, artists, influencers, and creative characters who add texture to our culture.

I have conceived of everything from one-page stories to multi-faceted packages to online centers on these topics. In some cases, I've worked directly with marketing teams to craft seamless, organic branded content. 
My editorial work is featured in national magazines and newspapers, Web sites, and social media. I've also been quoted as an expert in interviews, featured in style blogs (both as an author and subject) and I have appeared in national TV segments, podcasts, and web videos

Check out my resume here. Or e-mail me directly at snygaard@gmail.com.

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